What is MTM?

Medication Therapy Management is a group of services provided by qualified pharmacists to make sure the patient's medications are working best. The services include medication reviews, adjusting medication treatment plans, monitoring drug therapy, and medication adherence education. The purpose of MTM is to reduce and prevent medication-related problems, while ensuring health and cost benefits for the patient.

How does MTM work?

A qualified pharmacist works with a patient and his/her health care providers to make sure that all of the patient's medications (including over-the counter medications and supplements) are working well without side effects or drug interactions. Regular follow-up visits with the pharmacist ensure that the patient achieves positive medication-related outcomes.

How MTM fits in a wellness program?

MTM can be included in a rewards program for all health plan participants including employees, their dependents, children and family. To receive the reward points for participation in an MTM program, an employee must meet with the pharmacists a certain number of times during a year.

How Aprexis fits in the process?

Aprexis is a web-application designed specifically to support the medication therapy management process. Pharmacists use our application to document their encounters with the patients and identify specific MTM needs and make quick changes in the medication therapy. Aprexis automatically assigns rewards points to patients participating in a wellness program. The rewards points are customizable in accordance with the conditions of a specific wellness program.